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#43, 8720 Macleod Trail SE,

Calgary, AB T2H 0M4


Phone: (403) 230-0011



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About Jerusalem Shawarma

Jerusalem Shawarma is an eating establishment focusing on healthy nutritious food served in a fast-casual restaurant. Jerusalem Shawarma has quickly become the premier lunch and dinner destination for people who seek to enjoy the authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisines. Jerusalem Shawarma has been serving the city of Calgary for more than 5 years in four branches located in different parts of the city. The restaurant uses family recipes brought all the way from Jerusalem city to provide Canadians with variety of the best Middle Eastern food. At Jerusalem Shawarma, we use the best quality ingredients and a unique cooking method to serve our valued customers with the top quality food and service.


At Jerusalem Shawarma, we Promise to provide our customers with tasty, properly prepared, and affordable food. As the restaurant host, it will be our responsibility to make sure our customers have a positive experience. We work hard to build customer loyalty, we welcome our guests warmly, treat them courteously, and make sure they receive excellent service. “Everyone is welcome at Jerusalem Shawarma” as the owners always declare.

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  • Country Hills, Royal Oak, 16th Avenue North and Macleod Trail are covered. “We need one more,” says Izzo Abufarha of his family’s Jerusalem Shawarma shops. “There’s Alaa, Diaa, Belal, Sudqi and me,” naming his brothers. Five of them. So five restaurants should work just fine.......

  • The name — Jerusalem Shawarma — catches the eye first. It makes me wonder what the food will be like at Calgary’s newest shawarma cafe. The Middle Eastern city is home to three distinct Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — each of which comes with its own food......




319-16061 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, AB

Phone: (403) 453-0300


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16 AVE


#301, 16 Ave NW, Calgary,

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Macleod Trail


#43, 8720 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB, T2H 0M4

Phone: (403) 230-0011


Open 7 days a week
From: 11:00am – 10:00pm



#4307, 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB, T2H 0M4

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Country Hills


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#480, 5255 Richmond Rd SW

Calgary, AB T3E 7C4

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#43, 8720 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0M4


Phone: (403) 230-0011




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